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Peter Brook on Robert Golden’s book and film INSIDE/OUTSIDE about Monika Pagneux:
Monika’s work is original, it is all her own.  She has built it up carefully over many, many years and has inspired countless students and professionals all over the world. It is concrete, it is precise but it is not technical. It is about life, it is for life and can only be brought into the field of theatre when theatre is truly searching for moments of truth. Her book … and film are of universal importance and must be cherished.”
Paris,December 20, 2012

After many years of asking, Monika Pagneux, one of Europe’s leading exponents of movement in contemporary theatre, allowed me to make a film and publish a book about her work.

On the screen below you can download the film to stream, or to keep as a file  and if you press ‘buy film’ button there is also an optionto purchase a less expensive PDF of the book.

Monika studied and worked with Jacques Lecoq, Moshé Feldenkrais, Peter Brook, Complicité and many more teachers, actors, dancers and directors. Her inspirational way of working allows actors to find a flow or unity between their inner psyche and its outer expression. Truth becomes the source of creativity; actions are a result of being, not thinking.

Monika’s questioning of her self; ‘Who am I?’ and her answers, transforms her into a mentor for our troubled times.

This 70 page book,  available as a paperback on Create Space, is based upon Monika’s scrapbook, in which she summed up a major stream of her processes over the past few years. The book offers a sense of her work and in particular how she uses clay modelling to help the workshop members intuit their physicality and their life force. This is transformed into sounds, movement, actions and interactions resulting in the creation of scenes involving all the workshop members. Often these produce stunning moments of honesty and drama. 

The 46-minute film is a more precise description of her work. In the film Monika explains the entire process in detail along with her thoughts and feelings about movement, performance and theatre. The actors/directors Annabel Arden, Katherine Hunter and Marcello Magni speak in detail about how their work with Monika has influenced their own careers. Actor/director Olivia Yan, Feldenkrais teacher Fiona Battersby and actror Xela Marx also offer contributions. It is available here.

Many people have been requesting that we provided a DVD of the film rather than just downloads.
One is now exclusively available at the BOOKSTORE
which includes the original 46 minute film and over an hour of interviews with
the actor/directors Annabel Arden, Kathryn Hunter and Marcello Magni.
This constitutes a wonderful workshop in theatre arts.

The film and the book are relevant to actors, dancers, yoga, Feldenkrais, Pilates and other sports and movement systems and to people working with children.

Below are pictures from a workshop Monika gave at the beginning of April 2012,  in Barcelona with a group of theatre and movement practitioners whom she has worked with for up to 20 years. The 5 day journey of becoming aware of their bodies and all of its part through to moving naturally with all of the energy flowing unblocked through the body, to encountering others and using sounds, words and song, through to joining together and improvising stories is shown stage by stage to the final and moving celebration. At the end of the banquets of food prepared by each participant, there was the sense of a micro-civilization splitting up.

c76-day 1 p1.jpgc11-day 1 p2 .jpgc80-day 1 p3 .jpgc26-day 1 p4.jpgc100-day 1 p5 v2 .jpgc89-day 1 p6 .jpgc23-day 1 p7 .jpgc19-day 1 p8 .jpgc60-Day 2 p 1.jpgc68-Day 2 p 2.jpgc52-Day 2 p 3 .jpgc8-Day 2 p 4 .jpgc99-Day 2 p 5 .jpgc5-Day 2 p 6 .jpgc40-Day 2 p 7 .jpgc14-Day 2 p 8 .jpgc31-Day 2 p 9 .jpgc55-Day 2 p 10 .jpgc39-day 3 p1.jpgc47-day 3 p2 .jpgc44-day 3 p3 .jpgc70-day 3 p4 .jpgc66-day 3 p5 .jpgc34-day 3 p6 .jpgc40-day 3 p7 .jpgc47-Day 2 p 6 .jpgc91-day 4 p1 .jpgday 4 p2 .jpgday 4 p3a .jpgday 4 p4 .jpgday 4 p5a .jpgday 4 p7a .jpgday 4 p9a .jpgday 4 p8a .jpgday 5 p 1.jpgday 5 p 2.jpgday 5 p 3.jpgday 5 p 4.jpgday 5 p 5.jpgday 5 p 6.jpgday 5 p 7.jpgday 5 p 8.jpgDay 5 p 11 .jpgDay 5 p 12 .jpg
Monika’s method of working helps actors to find a unity between their inner psyche and its outer expression, truth becomes the source of creativity; actions are a result of being, not thinking.


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