THE SAVOURING SERIES of films are about how the flora and fauna of an area create a particular diet and then how the culture which evolves influences not only how and what choices are made but also creates prohibitions often based on religious precepts. I made a series of 13 films called SAVOURING THE WORLD which sold to over 40 separate areas. Having witnessed distressed people and unfolding and profound changes in the culture and economics of local markets from Kerala to New Orleans and Japan to Lebanon, I began to recognise I had witnessed the first stages of later day globalisation destroying local food chain, traditions, customs and eventually communities and families. I made a second series called SAVOURING EUROPE which accounted for what I had begun to learn which sold to only 13 areas. The food advertisers disapproved of revealing what was happening to individuals and cultures in the wake of their infiltration. Recently I made an additional film to begin a series on the Balkans which you can read about and see here.

savouring the world documentaries by robert golden

You can see a trailer here.

savour europe series by robert golden

SAVOURING EUROPE's trailer can be seen here. The films can be see here. Waring: the quality they have been uploaded with is very poor.