Over the last 5 years I have made 3 films in my small town in the southwest of England. Set in a beautiful landscape only a mile from the sea, like many places in the United Kingdom, Western Europe and the United States it has many caring, talented and generous people and its unfortunate share of problems created by unnecessary austerity, under investment in industry, in education and in social care. 

bridport dreaming film

BRIDPORT DREAMING was the first film I made about three people from different social and class strata who overlap only in that they live in the same town.
You can see it here.

homes for heroes film

HOMES FOR HEROES, about a working class estate (projects) in England's Southwest, parallels the history of the British industrial working class through the last 100 years and the results on people's lives today.
You can see it here.

the promise_bridport's literary and science building project

For many years a fine early Victorian building languished on Bridport Dorset's high street until a group of enlightened citizens raised money to refurbish it and in light of the towns radical past decided to use it as a centre for meetings, workshops and as a hub for digital start-ups. This film is the story of the rope and net industry that created the working class that created the need in the first place for the rise of the building.
You can see it here.