I have been documenting the British based opera/theatre company for the last 25 years through its many exciting changes from a small to middle scape producing and performing company to now include working with young people across Europe in developing democratic principles through informal education projects. Tina Ellen Lee,the founding member, opera singer/performer and now artistic director of the company has, through many programmes and productions, developed a distinctive way to create an inclusive nonjudgemental freedom which unleashes people's best instincts and imaginations. It has been a constant thrill to work with Tina Ellen Lee.

Below are two films from the companies two operas produced with the heartrending beautiful music of Nigel Osborne  and from the last 2 years of THE COMPLETE FREEDOM OF TRUTH (TCFT) project.

the complete freedom of truth film_2016_bournemouth_opera circus

In August 2016, TCFT brought 135 young people, artists and facilitators to be hosted by the University of Bournemouth, where a handful of highly creative professors along with Opera Circus' mentors and artists worked for 2 weeks with the young people to create exciting music, animation, photography, poetry and films amongst many cross cultural discussions. You can see this episode here.

the complete freedom of truth film_sarteano-opera circus_2017

In April 2017 TCFT took about 120 people to a small hill town in southern Tuscany called Sarteano where the mayor, the townspeople and local artists embraced the young people and artists who arrived on their doorsteps. You can see this episode here.

differences in demolitions by nigel osborne

DIFFERENCES IN DEMOLITIONS was the first collaboration between Tina Ellen Lee of Opera Circus and the composer Nigel Osborne. Nigel had gone to Bosnia as a young man and repeatedly returned during the Bosnian war when Sarajevo was under siege, bringing music to children suffering from trauma. This beautiful opera is also featured in STORIED OF SEVDAH- THE BOSNIAN BLUES here.
This excerpt of the documentary can be seen here.

wrapper for music only film for www.jpg

This is a fragment of a documentary about Naciketa that followed the development of this work-in-progress opera for 2 years from London to Leeds to Edinburgh to London's Royal Opera House and then to India.
You can see it here.