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  For many years i have only slept for 4 hours at a stretch. 

For many years i have only slept for 4 hours at a stretch. 

I have lived a life as anyone else, filled with worries, fears, love and hardships imagined or otherwise. But as a photographer/film-maker I have been privileged to see into other people’s lives, often invited or at least accepted as a sympathetic outsider. Over so many years of picture making I have photographed many things, some of which I have been commissioned to photograph and many of which I have chosen to photograph.

Out of all of this work themes have emerged, not just of subject matter but of my interests, passions, loves and hates. The challenge for many of us is to make sense of our existence. Making pictures has always helped me to do so and to create meaning in the process. 

It surprised me to find that the same underlying passions inform how I make a still life as well as how I make a portrait or how I approach a street demonstration or moments in a theatre rehearsal.

Within all of these are similar themes, integrating ideas that connect many of my images with other of my images, crossing time and countries. Although on the surface they are separated by genre, cultures, geography and time, the reality is they are connected by my inner needs, my desires and intellectual and emotional sinews.

It is my presence, as yours, that creates unity.