Srebrenica in Bosnia    2008-2017
I began working on a project of my wife's after she was asked to the tragic town of Srebrenica (genocide 1995) to support the development of music and theatre practice for young people. Not only did I document her project but I became involved with some wonderful young and older people and subsequently I've made three films there which you can view here. These photographs are a selection of the many different events and people I have become friends with and of the films I have made.

Below is a film I shot in 2015 for Al Jazeera Balkans. Upon finishing it we showed it to in the town to anyone who cared to see it and of course to all those involved in the film. People came from the town and the countryside - farmers, cooks, teachers, children and workers of all ages and from both sides of the religious spectrum. They were delighted with seeing for the first time a film emerge from the town, post genocide, that told a positive story about the two sides beginning to overcome their differences. The broadcaster's commissioning editor refused to show it on the grounds that it could not be true, that Serbs and Bosniaks could not possibly work together. I asked him when was the last time )if ever) he had visited Srebrenica. He said "five years ago".

For the English version please scroll down.

There is also a version in Bosnian that can be seen here.