The Demise of the English Working Class


These photographs are the result of many magazine articles shot by me in the 70's and of ten books I photographed and co-authored with Sarah Cox, published by Penguin, called THE PEOPLE WORKING SERIES. They were the first UK published books to be the recipient of the Non-Sexist, Non-Racist Publishing Award. Some of these photographs are a part of my book and travelling exhibition, called HOME.

This film provides a view into the exhibition of Robert's called HOME which tells the story about how globalisation affected British (and American) industry and afterwards how it affected global farming and food production. The stills are partly from the above collection and the film sections are shown in the exhibition as a special edit from Robert's SAVOURING the WORLD and SAVOURING EUROPE series. Part of the text is from Robert's published epic poem WINDOWS KISS THE SHADOWS OF THE PASSING THIRTY MILLION, which you can read about here.

HOME RESISTANCE FILM (part of the exhibition)
The film below is part of the exhibition. It is a precise explanation of what happed to the British working class of all colours and ethnicity during the 1970s.